Hi new to forum


I’m new to the forum but I’ve been playing hopscotch since last year but with a little experience from a few years ago please look at my games my hopscotch user is nolakiggy btw my next posts will be helpful or on topic thanks!


Welcome! I am LEP! The forum is an amazing place, have a great time just tag me by putting this @ and then laser_eyed_puppy!


Hello, @Nolakiggy ! As you can see, you got a notification because I tagged you. To tag a person, just type the @ sign then their username.
Here are some things that might help you:


If you need me, tag me like this!


Yo welcome to the forum!

Tip for filling the charecter limet: do <uguyvugvuybuyb> and it adds charecters without being sean


hey! :D welcome to the forum!! if you ever need some help feel free to tag me!!


Hello @Nolakiggy and welcome to the forum! Some people in the amazing community here already welcomed you with lots of information and links, so check them out if you want to!


Fell free 2 tag me @FRENCH_WAVE123 any time🙃


WELCOME, @Nolakiggy
You seem as if you know what you are doing on the forum, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to tag me by putting the “@” sign before my username. This directs me to the post you tagged me on. For example: @Swati_Bang



hey, and welcome.
if you need any help, just do @claw33. (or anybody else who said that in the topic)