Hi, it's KatrinaPlays!


It's @KatrinaPlays

Like my last topic said, I wanted to know how to make a second account...
And here I am, Nya!

Okay, see you guys on the forum!




Ah, I have to go back and forth on accounts repeatedly.
So much work.


Just wondering, why did you make another account?


A wild http://throwawaymail.com or an alt email?


Hello @VanillaAngel


I made it because i just wanted another account for some reason....
I don't know XD


Hi @VanillaAngel! 'Sup?


I'm pretty sure "Sup" means what is up...

I just woke up because earlier, I woke up at 5am to finish my manga, when my mom told me to go back to bed. I didn't sleep, though. Instead I was thinking about what was going to happen next, and how to prevent me from forgetting what happened in the book.

Female Asian Life, we never change our minds XD
Or at least, some of us don't. Because sometimes I do.


Bilkul sahee lol

And I'm not American anyway :joy:


Well I'm used to a LOT of Americans saying "'Sup", and I just walk faster.
Maybe it's because I'm in America?


Le shrug…


Hi, @VanillaAngel.


Hi, myself.


Yes, we are the same person.


We should stop now.


Don't you mean "I" should stop now?


Darn it, look at what happened to me.

8 hours?
That's ridiculous!


Pah! I often get "16 hours" :cry:


That's rough.

So I have to be on here for 8 hours.

If you didn't get that, I have to be on my other profile for 8 hours, Nya