Hi its Jerry(a mystery)



Hi it's me I'm "new" as they say I've learned to do things already so..

  • Welcome!
  • Who are you?
  • Glad you're here?



You will

Who you are!!! (that's me in Crazy Mode :yum:)


I shall never tell. You need to guess


Are you Rawrbear?

Or CreativeCoder?


No and I just woke up from a good night sleep


This is getting ridiculous. Just because I come anonymous on the forum does not mean other people need to create accounts of anonymity and tell other people to guess. I understand if it's for good deed, but other than that...


You know... I cant guess who you are for the rest of my life!

I give up....


Oh I wasn't copying you @Follow4LikesOfficial I just felt like doing this because I was bored with my other (whatever that was...)


I know, but still... So you have a purpose on this account other than guessing?


Back up and if i cant reply