Hi, I'm Yakitori


I'm guessing @Yakitori is either off or out of likes and / or replies


She is at the emergency room or something. Something's wrong with her kidneys.


welcome to the forum!!!!!!!

You'll have a great time here! :DD

  • keep everything hopscotch related!
  • Search Before You Post! (SBYP) we don't want to have duplicates of topics!
  • try to be nice!

If you need help just tag me @Rainboom and I'll help! :DD


Oh no… hope she gets well soon and everything's all right…

Maybe we should gbot?


She had this thing in first grade. She was absent for 20 days...
Yeah, we should GBOT


Ahh me too! It's awesome!!


Welcome back! Can we be friends?


Yeah!! Of course!



Are you knew to HS too? Remember I'm always happy to help so tag me anytime :wink:


Welcome to the forum!

Check this out!:


Guys, guys, you're all forgetting the most important rule, we're not going to war, don't be that serious. :joy:

Rule 32) Have fun.

(That goes for hopscotch too)


Hello there! How are you @Yakitori


Sup chakin! I love your name. And your profile pic has made me instantly appreciate you.
Wanna be friends?


Amazing name. And profile pic.

I luv cats....

The forum may seem like it has a lot of rules, but it can be summed up to three rules

Be kind and kid friendly
Be internet safe
Be hopscotch related.

The last one didn't make sense, did it? XD

As for coding, it's pretty simple once you get used to it. Of course some things are complex, but the concept is simple.
Computers take things piece by piece. They aren't as smart as humans, so they need easy, clear, simple instructions.
Let's say you want a character to move up and turn right.

The Y axis is up and down, so you would change Y by... Let's say 300.

To turn right, you need it to turn, but the computer doesn't know what 'right' is. So you make it change the angle! Change it by 90 degrees and it'll turn.

It may sound hard, but you just gotta think of what you want it to do in simple, step by step terms




That was quite random

But then again, you do post random things a lot.


Welcome to the forum! Read the community guidelines which can be found here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/community-guidelines/16
If you need any help type @William04GamerA and I'll be there!


I love eating Yakitori!!!!
It's so yummy!
If you don't know, Yakitori is Japanese meat!
It's so good!
Sorry that was random. :3


Hai Yakitori!! How are ya doing?
Welcome to Hopscotch. Warning: it's very addicting. Be careful!!!


Hope you're enjoying your time and all these welcomes @Yakitori :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: