Hi, I'm Yakitori


That was a joke, right?
Because people actually blowing up isn't funny.


Yeah, play around with it, get used to it, and prepare for the AWESOMENESS!


Ya it was a joke

now I'm hungry D:


Thanks @iReesesCup @friendship2468 @OnceUponATime @GysvANDRegulus @MR.GAM3R @MrHotdog64 @Sprouse!! I think I got everyone in the list.


I'm so late!!!!

Welcome @Yakitori! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge but call me KVJ!

I think everyone's done everything so hi! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you need help with anything! Stick to the Guidelines and you will have an awesome time!



Welcome, @Yakitori! That's a pretty cool name. :smiley:

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Happy forum welcome! We're glad you're here. :tada:


I don't think you're that late!

is really long. (I found out something new!!)



When did you stop :wink: ?


No prob! I'm always happy to help!

I try to be as friendly as possible and make as many friends as possible! Can we be friends too?


I lic ur neam becauze es a fowd and ets realey yummi


I like your name because it's a food and it's really yummy.


Oh btw you have limited replies on your fiery day :wink:

If you run out of replies, edit an earlier post by clicking the pencil :wink:


Welcome To The Forum @Yakitori!


No problemo!


I took a two week break from HS so when I published again nobody would like my projects


I always thought of you as famous…


Dude you get a bunch of likes :joy::joy:
I only got like 5-60


Not about them likes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And those likes still surprise me :smiley:


What then
My projects?
I hope my mom is okay :sob::sob:


Yep, you deserve more!

idk what's wrong but I hope so too…


Most important rule ever on the forum:

I enjoy eating yakitori