Hi, I'm Yakitori


I'm a bit confused... I've just joined the Hopscotch Forum. Are there any rules I should know of?


Also, read the message Liza sent for more stuffs!
And hi!


Hello and welcome to the forums, @Yakitori! Check out the FAQ for the forums here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/faq


Wow, thanks! Those are a lot of rules :sweat_smile:


Welcome Yakiori :D

You can get help with projects, talk about hopscotch, and more on here!

You can tag people like me! Just put an @ in front of a name!

Ex - @MrHotdog64


Your Profile pic is amazing tho.




  1. Welcome to the forum :DDD

  2. Don't make off-topic topics. Like, make everything (or almost) related to the topic + hopscotch related

  3. There's are ranks or titles, for example. I'm regular. You will first be basic, member, regular, leader and mod

  4. No making topics/posts begging for likes or such

  5. Don't make any chatrooms

  6. Always be positive

  7. No starting flamewars (where arguments begin)

This may seem like a lot but it's not :D


Thanks! Everyone is more friendly than I'd expected!
My profile pic is a scottish fold kitten. (I found a new button!! The edit button I think.)


Well on here.... A lot of people spread positivity :joy:
I still cant get enough of your profile pic


Hi @Yakitori! Welcome to the forum. One part of the rules is to not post:
•Personal Information
•Inappropriate words
•Bad words
•Off topicness (you will see that a lot)
And everything @iReesesCup posted..... so yeah a lot of rules.


Hey @Yakitori! Welcome to the hopscotch forum! Just tag me, @OnceUponATime, for advice, or just if you need anyone to talk to. Have fun!


I haven't made a Hopscotch account yet. It's an app, am I right? My friends keep talking about it.


Yep, it's an app for coding games and stuff.


Hopefully everyone is. Some people can blow up at times, so just remember not to fight back or tease anyone.


Huh... I've never coded before. I've just heard about it.
But when I do make an account, how will I code? I don't know how to.


Also, let me introduce myself!
My Hopscotch is Potter Productions. I used to be kinda famous :joy::joy: I like helping new people with coding, so if you need any help, just @ me!


You can make a draft, and use the available blocks to organize code!
Watch the tutorial videos for help!




You drag out blocks, of course! They recently updated hopscotch, so there's a new format of coding
Are you using an iPhone or an iPad?


Don't worry, there are video tutorials in the app to get you started. Hopscotch is also pretty easy to learn, just do some messing around with code and you will get it! If you need any help, feel free to ask us!


I guess an iPad. So do I just play around with it?

Oh, @MR.GAM3R (Did I do it right?) there are videos. I'm excited!!