Hi I'm the first Peridot on the Hopscotch Forum


Hi I'm a new account.
I'm very good with technology as I'm a Peridot.
I'm actually a human don't tell Peridot I copied her

Okay so that's all bye :wave: why is there no green-skinned waving emoji I'm offended



someone notice me


Hi and welcome to the forum! You can tag me like this anytime! @TheGreenBanana
Here's a good list of topics! Click!


Oh yeah- I forgot to say I'm totally not a new user I'm sorry




Welcome to the forum!
Here's some good topics to look at:


Welcome to the forum!

We can be best friends!


Umm... Are you really a new user?
I don't really understand this post :sweat_smile:


we are alike :3333


Hi imaperidot! Welcome to the forum! I'm Jamie. If you need help with anything ( or just wanna chat ) you can just @ me!
here's a topic you might want to check out...

Self promotion

( jk )


Great now there is a @Lapis_Lazuli XD




Welcome to the forum/hi/um yeah...
Tag me anytime like "@BellaWafflez17"
But you're not new, I guess? So yeah...


@imaperidot there's a @Lapis_Lazuli now XD


Hi @imaperidot
It's Lapis.




Wot? Wut? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Inside joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you really a new user? I'm sorry if you're are :)