Hi I'm purple.turtle


Im not new so pls dont do that stuffz.

Im also prob not the person u expect i am.

anyways girls and boys

Hi I am purple.turtle. purple.turtle on hopsoctch too.

I speak dank meme and english, pls tell me which you'd prefer me to talk to you in.

I'm in the middle of coding a game. I also have a challenge 4 u guys.

I will tell you bout that l8er.

Pls don't tell @seasoned.apricots

U kno my secretz @seasoned.apricots :0

Idek what reverse psychology is @anonymous

I couldn't reply on actually topic. But @KVJ I think that gif is cool. The one where the guy screamed and then the door fell off.

U made me hungry when u said that on ur general topic @PixelMaster64. Also I'm not system or quisiid.

Wat @PixelMaster64???


HI! :D


Hai purple turtlee
How's laif?




Lief iz gooood.

Dat sounds familiar.




lol really


How I wonder who it is...


Hai @purple.turtle

Why aren't u @Purplturtl :0


I speak 2 language.

I'm not very good at dank meme.

So I only speak it if speaking dank meme is requested.


Mai topic :0

Ur... @system/@Qusid/@purple.turtle!? :0



This is for fun.

I promise to stay related to Hopscotch.




Hai perpel turdel :D


Hi welcome but not really welcome but hi anyways @purple.turtle :DDDDDD

Btw the title says turle XD


He. Can u tell us who u really r? Me want know. Me no tell anyone.


The last one is correct.

The illuminati thing reminded me of gravity falls.


Bill!!!! :000101100

Me want to code Bill now. Should I code Bill???






omg @PixelMaster64 insert illuminate music here