Hi! I'm PixelPOP!



Hi there! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum @Pixel_POP! If you need any help just @ me like this:


Hi! This community is mostly nice, but lately there’s been a not so nice person named Oribi Jaguar Blue Winfx.

But you probably won’t see them.

What’s your Hopscotch account?


Hi welcome @Pixel_POP this forum is a great place to be
You’ll meet so many friends here


Hi there @Pixel_POP! Welcome to the forum!

Please make sure to keep all topics related to HS

To tag someone just simply do this: @Lisa1045
Just like how I tagged you

If you want to make a topic that’s not related to HS then make a General Topic

If you ever need help just tag me!


Welcome to the forum! If you need help you can always tag me @Dylan329
Can’t wait to see pixel arts XD


Hi, @Pixel_POP! I do pixel art too! :DDD
We can talk sometime!



Tag me anytime like so: @KVJ


Hi @Pixel_POP!
I’m @photographer123! I really like your pfp!


Welcome!! I hope you have fun here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! :D


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just tag me @SweeTeaStuffz ! If you want, I can give you links to some helpful topics. Just be sure to read the Community Guidelines (or FAQ, its in the Hamburger Icon by your profile pic!) , and lastly, I hope you have an awesome time here! :smiley:


I have seen you on HS (Hopscotch) before! You have good projects to be new. Have you ever coded before outside of HS? Welcome to the forum!
Here are some posts that might help you:


Welcome! I’m Bella. You should make a pixel art tutorial on the forum!


There’s already many of them.


Welcome to the forum, @Pixel_POP!

Here are some topics you should check out to get started with the forum:

You can also type @discobot start new user for a qick tutorial!


Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope that you will have a good time here, write @William04GamerA if you ever need any help!


Hi. Welcome the forum! It’s a nice but kind of complicated place. I’m just going to tell you about the stuff that can prevent you from feeling sad. First of all, when you make a topic, MAKE SURE IT HAS TO DO WITH HOPSCOTCH!!
I made a project that had little things to do with hopscotch and it got flagged, or removed. Some good topics for fun are the art topics, q&a topics, clubs, and collabs. The things a good topic can have are stuff about creativity, help or tutorials, q&as, art, and unique stuff about hopscotch or the forum. If someone already has a topic that you want to make like a Harry Potter fan club, please contribute to that instead of making your own otherwise you may get flagged or sad. To notify people that you want to talk to, tag them or do this. Put the @ symbol and write the person’s name like this.
@DogWithAPen. Make sure you click on the suggested names when you put the at symbol. Otherwise the person won’t be notified. Pictures can come up in links when you post them. There’s so much more to say, so if you need help just ask!



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We could talk now!

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