Hi I'm new to this thing



Hi I’m new, um what am I supposed to do here, how am I supposed to do it and are my tags the right ones I just typed in random letters.


Oh Hi there get over here @tankt2016 you usually do this stuff to new

Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here

Hi there

You can use html tags on the forum

Click here


Welcome to the forum! Here, you can talk about Hopscotch, the coding app. Do you have it installed on any iOS device yet? Also, about the tags (I suppose that you mean those who are related to the topic). You can search for tags that are relevant to what your topic is about. For this topic, I would put #new and #helpfornewbies as the tags.

Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:


I added the tags that W04GA suggested.
I think they were talking about @ tags?

To tag someone, you put and @ in front of their username, like this; @FearlessPhoenix. It sends them a notification that they were tagged and brings them to your topic.


Welcome to the forum!

You can check out this topic (which is one of mine) where there are TONS of links to helpful topics, posts, guidelines, and more:

Let me know if you have any more specific questions.


I’m totally new too! ;p


Fellow noob to the forum here too


Hey GweTV welcome to the forum
I remember you


Hoi trustfalls,

I remembered I wanted to join the forum and here I am. Sorry for being inactive for weeks.