Hi I'm new to this forum


Yeah Maltese




The update is hard to love, but you'll really like it once you get used to it :smile:


You're so kind, you make me laugh whenever I read your clever, funny, kind posts. :D


I deleted Hopscotch I don't Really want to play with it anymore


Wait did you change your name again?


Because I like clowns
How do I change the c in my picture


Oh you have to got to preference settings

And then you go see the profile picture click the :pencil2:️ And then you can change it!


In your profile preferences, under Profile Picture


Yeah you did it!

Congrats! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Huh your changing your name like every 3 minutes what


Welcome! I'm Intellection 74. If you ever need any help you can tag me!


Welcome to the forum! I'm iWaffle =D
If you have any questions, tag me anytime like: "@BellaWafflez17"
You'll love it here!

Here are some topics you might want to check out:
Community Guidelines
Just general forum rules!
The General Drawing Topic
There, you can post your drawings and ask for drawing requests!
The Imagination Topic
There, you can post your Hopscotch stories, choose your own adventures, talk about book-writing collars, and much more
Forum trends, 'cause why not?
Forum Slang (If you want to understand everyone, of course!)
And, if you want to find out how people all those cool text tricks:
Cool Forum Text Tricks!


Welcome! Can we be friends?


I asked that and he/she declined!

I cried



Yay! You changed your username! XD

Is there anyway that you can get Hopscotch again? It's amazing! I can help you code if you want.


Hi! Welcome to the forums!

Tag me if you ever need help! :D

We're glad to have you here!


Hiiiiiiii! @Clowns


Hi, welcome to the forum, you'll love it here!
If you need any help or advice, tag me like this: @IKeudin, and I'll be happy to help! You could also tag the Help Teams, just search that in the search bar!


What? You changed your name again?


Hey nice to meet you don’t worry I’m new as well and also very confused I know we can get through this TOGETHER:D so friend? :slight_smile: