Hi, I'm new to the Forums!


Hi everybody! My name is Azured, and I am new to the Forums! I am a hopscotch artist that has been at it since November 2015.

Is there anything I should know on the forums? Tips? Tricks?



Uhh, you're not new to the forums... (This is your second forum account, right?)


No, I'm new. I saw it in my notifications one day and I thought it would be a good idea to join!


I'm sorry, that must be a different account. It must be coincidence we draw alike


Hello @Azured!
Check out this topic for more info: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/using-the-forum-like-a-pro/23?u=giraffedolphin26
And remember to follow the community guidelines!
(P.S. I know your secret :wink:)


Sorry @GysvANDRegulus, I'm not @Azured . It's a coincidence. And welcome to the forums!


Many people do. :wink:


What does it mean to bookmark a topic or a post? I see the same in both "areas"


It lets you access the bookmarked items from your profile.


I think you can go to your profile and see all the topics/posts you have Bookmarked


So it is like a storage unit for important posts? Thank for helping me, by the way!


Is your hopscotch name the same?


Yes, it is the same thanks for asking!


Lol I know right! Anyways to make a poll do this
- You can do any option
- You can make 19 options
Just don't do the period between l and ]


So like this?

  • Option A
  • Option B


Yes! It worked! I think!


Yup it worked! Great!


and do <withabunchofletters to hack a 20 character glitch




How to get bold characters:
Use ** (text) **
How to get italics characters:
* (text) *
How to get bigger text: