Hi! I'm new to the forum


Thanks! You are SOOO nice! :grinning:


Thanks! You guys are so nice


Ur welcome


Thanks for welcoming me!


Sure! So, what do u like to do so far on hopscotch, HS for short?


Welcome to the forum, @PineappleSplit!
Here are some of the basics of the forum:
- Do you like someone else's post? Like it by clicking the :heart:️ at the bottom of the post!
- Do you think someone's post violates the Community Guidelines? Flag it by clicking the and clicking the :flag_white:! Then, choose one of the options that suits the post and flag it!
- Do you want to share a post in a different topic? Click the :link:, select and copy the link, and you can share it by pasting it when making a post!
- Do you want to save a post to go back to it? Bookmark it by clicking the and clicking the ! Now you can go to your profile, by going to "Activity" by clicking "Summary" and changing "All" to "Bookmarks", to see it!

Now, there are a few other things I'd like to share—other people's topics!
Here's a tutorial by Yummy_Muffin, which goes through things I didn't cover!
Here's a tutorial by bluedogmc-official, which gives tips on making topics!
Finally, you should read the message Liza sent you too! If you already have, awesome!
If you want any more help, just tag me like this: @GysvANDRegulus! (P.S. you can do this to any user and it'll notify them)
I hoped this helped! :D
Your project on Hopscotch looks really cool! I followed you!


Welcome! I hope you have a great time here on the forum! :D

P.S. I love your username! :D


Hello @PineappleSplit, I'm kinda new as well, you can tag me any time you need, like this @Artistic_cat :blush:


Hey, welcome to the forum!
I'm iWaffle, but you can just call me...
unravels long list of nicknames
Hold on a sec...


Thanks @Mathgirl (is that how to tag?) and @GysvANDRegulus!


Thanks @Artistic_Cat, and @BellaWafflez17


I just earned "basic", what does that mean?


here, have a rushed and probably-going-to-regret-posting-because-cringe doodle i made

There are tons of fun topic and tons of helpful topics. It's not hard to find them, haha. I can link you to a few game topics/Forum-games, if you'd like.

@BellaWafflez17 please save the new shaded version and delete the old one


Welcome @PineappleSplit!! Your first project is really cool. I especially like the falling pineapple animation and the game intro. :smiley:

I'm glad you joined! You'll have a lot of fun here. If you ever have any questions you can ask me.

Woah @XiaoMiaoMi that's awesome




That is a awesome drawing! Thank you!


"Basic", standing for "Basic User", is a trust level.

Here's more detail on trust levels on the Forum:


Thanks! That means so much!


Welcome. Please take it as an apology for my lack-of big entrance, haha.

Everyone charges into the new user topics with their own greeting posts, it's a bit overwhelming for me. I don't have one of those walls of text, so please do take that as a compensation.


Thanks! The forum is making way more sense now.