Hi, I'm New To the Forum! Some Help, Plz?


Hi guys! She said konichiwa. Oh la la LA LA
I need help getting used to this bgv
I need help I'm weird help me.
Btw my fren irl helped me with joining this. Go check her out, she's @braybraylovesmonkeys


Cool @braybraylovesmonkeys is a friend of mine! Welcome!


@MiNi is our hopscotch president I'm sure she can show you around the forums


Hi Welcome To The Forum!

Thank you Legend!

I hope you enjoy your time here!

Tag someone by putting the "@" sign in front of their name!
Like this: @LegendOfFriday

Create large text like this: <big> Make sure you add:
"</big>" So it doesn't stay big forever!

It's big isn't it :smile:

Create blue text like this!:
"<a>" again add "</a>" so it won't go on forever!

Try and stay "on topic" while in discussion!
That just means to stay directed towards a certain topic!

Tag @LegendOfFriday or I if you ever need help!

Hey hello I'm new

Hey, I never knew about the blue text or the big text either! Super cool, I'll totally use these, Tysm @MiNi!


I'm glad you learned something new!


Oh! You're on! I have someone to talk to finally! So, do you want me to do you an art request? I'd love to have something to do, Ms. President!


Please call me MiNi! I want to consider us all equal :slight_smile:


Okay! So, @MiNi, that's awesome that you want us all equal! Do you want an art request? Like, for me to do an art request from you to me. Me do art for you.


Welcome to the forum!

I am @William04GamerA here and on the Hopscotch app! You can tag me like this: @William04GamerA if you need any help!




Hi! Welcome to the forum! I'm TFS! Here's some tips to be an awesome forumer:

  • Be safe, don't share personal info
  • Be appropriate, don't be unkind or share things inappropriate for little kids
  • Be on-topic, don't make topics about random things other than Hopscotch or post things that have nothing to do with the topic you're in.

But of course, you'll obviously do all that anyways.

If you need help with anything around the forum, I can help. Just tag me by putting an @ sign and then my username, like this: @treefrogstudios

Thanks for joining :D

By the way, you also have limited replies on your first day. So if you couldn't post earlier when you joined, that's why :0


Hiya! I always like new people joining! Tag me anytime!

I'm new and clueless

why you steal mah phrase


Cooooooolllllll! I don't see why not.


Earthquakes and Volcanoes Quiz - Tuesday, December 13

Use your Notability notes, the textbook pages 304-399, and Review Page 404.

Know the definitions (fill-in-the-blank) for these words: seismology (Notability note/hand out), seismograph (page 395), earthquake, epicenter, fault, magnitude, Richter scale, volcano, lava, magma.
Know the descriptions for: composite volcano, shield volcano, cinder cone volcano (page 399).
Where is earthquake MOTION most severe (page 395)?
Be able to label the “focus” and the “epicenter” of an earthquake on a drawing. (pages 394-395)
Convection currents: Describe what happens in a lava lamp. (First, what warms up? Then, what happens as the wax rises, Finally, what happens when the wax cools?). What is this movement called? Which layer of the Earth moves in this way?
What is the Ring of Fire (page 398)? Which plate does the Ring of Fire outline (page 398)?
Extra credit questions may be about the monarch presentation or other details from your time in lab!
I pasted this from one of our quizzes. Oops...


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Let's see if you can find the emoji with curved eyes and top and bottom teeth.


@BluearSidelingCupid, what's up? Wha r u doing in what class r u in? Btw, if you want to extend ur bio, I have a ton of ppl I know, that r super nice, and might want to be ur fren so u have more frens on here! Can I invite the to this topic?


Sure @braybraylovesmonkeys! I'd love that​:ok_hand:


Okay! It's let's see....
5 ppl
And YOU know 3 of them irl!