Hi! I'm new to the forum! :3



Hey Hopscotch, I’m on the forum! Yey! You may know me from HS as “Minti~”. I currently have entries for my art club open, so make sure to sign up! We will do fun challenges each week, and the winners get a secret prize! Make sure to join! Sign-ups close on FRIDAY this week! :DD


Howdy. Welcome to ‘da club’.

I’m Kayro you can ‘summon’ me here my typing in @Kayro (that’s how you summon people)
I see you’ve made your way through a few topics. I will now teach you how to bold your text. You use the symbol next to this* but you use it like this** to bold your amazing texts.
Here’s how to use italics there actually are 2 ways 1 is using _ an underscore_ woah the other is using this thing again but only once * woah
Here’s how to hide text… < this thing is very useful to fill in 20 characters but they must be letters > you use the < > things like how I showed above.

For more useful info ask @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Any takers for the sign-up?


hi @Minti welcome to the forum! you said you were making an art club, could i please join? thanks! (≧∇≦*)