Hi im new to forum


yea, i know :p


Memes are good
Ilike them


Memes are god
do u like the polandball/countryball meme?


i will make a general topic when i will get “member”


No we have them. They’re just in pretty short supply


It’s ok, but NoRMiE kinda


still better than hetalia ((anime sucks))


O yea how could you cb


Hey guys hello!!! Another newbie over here… Nice to know you all!


Nice profile picture :ok_hand:


Thank you @chocoblueberry :wink:


I know the origin of that meme.








Hi! Welcome to the forum!
If you have been on Hopscotch earlier, you probably know at least the basics about Hospcotch. We talk about debugging Hopscotch codes on here, creating coding clubs, asking coding-related questions, and helping others by answering questions. You can also discuss suggestions for Hospcotch and the forum, and even meet new hopscotchers and forumers. The forum is awesome to chat about coding collabs and stuff like that.
There are also trust levels, which are confusing at first, but you’ll understand them. Check out this article which explains it all- https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924

Hope this helped! You can ALWAYS ask me or pretty much any other forumer fi you need help navigating though the forum!

-Swati :smile: