Hi im new to forum


@chocoblueberry Eh, eh, eh. We have this thing called General topics. My favorite General Topic is my General Topic.


@chocoblueberry I happen to be American. Eh is the first word I ever typed


I like you already you like memes
Welcome, don’t get lost


Hello and welcome to this mess of a website. I am rex, genuine UT and SU trash who has 3+ OCs and is constantly bored.


Hi @chocoblueberry
I hope you enjoy yourself here!!


Hello there, welcome to the forum! I… don’t have anything helpful to say… I’m kinda new too, feel free to tag me bout any questions though! (Sorry if i don’t answer though lol)


o hi fox

does anything interesting happen here


Actually, I’ve met some pretty cool people IRL that use this forum. I have met 2 users IRL, and I know another who lives like 10 minutes away.


o kool

i dont know anyone here irl

im just the lonely polandball lmao




Then after that "Talk"
then in ranked order

Wait woah


its an acronym

theres topics and stuff

Im @AHappyCoder tag me if you want
dont tag me if you dont want lol

its logic dont worry and im not usually this insane

its a phase


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Hiiiii, welcome to the site of despair!


hi, i like polandball as well
i wonder who your profile picture is
monaco? indonesia?


You communicate, chat, and have fun.



Yeah lots of interesting is happening all the time

…I think


Hello, meet me, the most horrible person here.


im here

Srry for late reply but uh I got kicked off



call me indonesia again and i’ll stab you


with what, a plunger?


this is Indonesiaball