Hi im new to forum


hi im new i just joined

what do i do here


All sorts of things. Welcome to the club!


Ah welcome to the forum!
On here you talk and post about anything relating to hopscotch. I assume you have hopscotch? There are some topics you must check out bu first please read the community guidelines! If you need any help tag me like this @ HopedHoper (No Space) This will alert me! Have a great time here!


These are the community guidelines! Please read them!


ugh that’s really long


Hello and welcome to the Hopscotch forum! The topic shared by @HopedHoper explains good what this forum is about. Here, you collaborate, talk to other Hopscotchers and do lots of other fun stuff.

If you ever need any help, write like this @William04GamerA. It will give me a notification so I can help you or talk.


i earned the basic badge yoooo


@chocoblueberry Hi, welcome to the forum. This is a place where you can make life long friends


i guess that’s impossible because we will never actually meet each other


Um, who said that? That might not be true! What if we are best friends IRL (In real life) and just don’t know it?


k, I get that, but usually it doesn’t happen


@chocoblueberry It is not unusual around here… Everything that is unusual starts here as normal.


oh, really?


@chocoblueberry Yeah, you will get used to it…

Everyone is mysteriously nice here. Makes you wonder what they could be hiding…


What? So you don’t have any trolls or haters here?
and yeah, it really makes me t h i n c c


I am one. Just a really really nice one. I told you, everyone is mysteriously nice here

LOL, I only spam like sometimes. Nothing much. Don’t worry, you are perfectly safe with me.


do u like my pfp?

  • yos
  • no
  • triggered

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idk I’m just testing this stuff


Eh eh eh eh. Choosing between yos and triggered is very hard…


i n t e r e s t i n g


i see
stuff that lets me post this
editing: gtg 3%
@Work_kids_coding are u Canadian or something
you say “eh” very often