Hi! I'm new! (Not really)


Hi everyone. I'm @CodePower! I'm new to this forum. (Well, I'm the same person as @Caroline on this forum, but I made this account so I can see my forum work in another Hopscotchers point of view). Anyway, don't welcome me or anything because I know how to use this forum. Um, yeah that's pretty much it. I just wanted to let you guys know. :slight_smile:

P.S: Yeah! First emoji!


I gave you first view and like XD


Okay. Thanks DMF!:grinning:


Time for me to log out. I'll be back!


Caroline is here! I need to like this topic.


Ha ha!


I know. It's fun having 2 accounts. The main problem is that you have to sign in, sign out...

It seems that it could never end.


Lel same with me...

Sign in to backup...
Sign out of backup



I'm back. (Now I don't have to log in and then log out. I've got two tabs so I can go to @Caroline's account, and then @CodePower's account).


You have 2 accounts, too?