Hi im new! I need help!


Um hi im new i dont know how to do anything. Um dose anyone know how to post pics of drawings? Plz and thx!


Hey, welcome to the forum!
I’m @FearlessPhoenix, tag me that way if you need any help and I can help

As to your question, you click this image button after clicking reply, and you’ll have options for what images you want to add.
However, there is already a drawing topic which is where all drawings go.

Click this blue text for a link

Tag me if you need anything else and I’ll come help


Hey, and welcome to the forum! If you need anything tag me @BabyButterfly. Here’s the tutorial on how to post a picture, featuring pictures!

How to upload images
  1. Tap the photo icon
  2. Select either chase from my device (which shows your camera roll) or from the web
  3. Press upload
  4. That’s it
    (Idk if this was already figured out or not)
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Hi! Welcome to the forum! Tag me if you need any help, but here’s a link to a topic with info in it!


Good job :slight_smile: I was going to link that too


Welcome to the forum! Tag me @Stylishpoopemoji33 if you need any help!

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Hello and welcome to the forum! It seems like most of your questions have been answered, but if any more questions or conserns pop up, feel free to ask!

By the way, I moved your topic to a better category. As a new user, you don’t really have to worry about categories, but I just moved your topic to a better category that describes it content - however, it should be moved to a category called #random-stuff when you are able to access it (which you will be able to do after you’ve been on here for a while).

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