Hi, I'm new here :)


Hello, I’m new to the Hopscotch Forum!
What is this place about?
A user named @discobot helped me a bit, but I’m still confused.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Tell me what you need help with… I think I can help a bit… you can tag me whenever…


Hello @Hmm! Here, you can discuss coding, talk with other Hopscotchers, collab, ask for help, help others, make and read tutorials and much more!


hi, welcome to the forum! here, you can discuss coding with other hopscotchers and ask questions about the app, or join coding clubs and much more! @ me anytime if you have any more questions. by the way, as a new user, you have a limit of 10 posts on your first day :)


Welcome I’m pretty much the most pro person here so if you need help come to me…


@BellaWafflez17 I have a question, what was the tallest mountain before Mt. Everest?


Says the person who joined one day ago


Your ego


Welcome to the forum! If you need help, tag me like this: @yaygirls


Hey Kitty4U why do U hate me so much? Bruva that was a joke…




discobot is a bot not a person tho


Noob you don’t even know how to reply to people


Do you really want to fight, you mistake of a person?


No I don’t know how to reply to people, and sorry I don’t fight girls.


Welcome, to the Hopscotch Forum @Hmm!
I see you already know how to tag and stuff, so that is good. After a while you will better get to know the forum. Here is some basic stuff:

@Example - Tag people to get there attention
Select this text and select “Quote” to quote someone.
Press “Reply” to reply to someone.
Select people’s profile images to learn more about them.
You can insert links into your posts as well.

If you want to customize your text, you can use some code too,

like this!


Also, try to be nice to others on the forum. This is a place to learn and talk about coding!



kangchenjunga. i’m not sure how this question is related to the topic, though.


I’m not a girl lmao
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