HI! :) I'm new here!


Please don't troll me!!!


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me like this-@EP125


Not to be mean but your not so new


Wait never mind you are
If you need any help you can tag me​:grinning:


Hi. If you ever need help @ me


Yeah I thought she was @KayKay at first 2 XD


you're @Kaykay


-used the same profile picture
-your grammar is similar to hers


Yeah I though she was Kay Kay too!


I don't even know who he/she is, plus I don't need such heavy comments on my first day on the forum. Thanks!


Prove to us that you're not @KayKay


There are lots of people who can help you to


Dude she is not Kay Kay her username is queen


Please stop with the mean comments....I'm very sensitive in truth...


Welcome to the forum! :D

To people who think Queen is KayKay: Just because someone has the same profile picture as another user doesn't mean they're the same person. Queen probably just liked the profile picture or something. :)


What's your Hopscotch username? I want to folllow you


Before I made my account I found KayKay's PFP and I thought it looked like my style. I'm very sorry if anyone got confused. :smiley:




Thank you! And it's QueenKat




Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope you can find all the friends, support, kindness, and help that you need.