Hi, I'm New Here!



Hello! I'm new to the forum, and Hopscotch. I'm on a lucky path, with my first game featured! I was jumping off the walls! Thank you @Liza for doing that. Anyways, I'm ready for coding. Collabs, beta testing, and more. Thank you!



I hope you like the forum so far!


I saw your game! It's really cool! Welcome to the fourms!!


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Hi and Welcome! You are going to have so much fun coding on hopscotch! Here are some tips

  • If you ever need help on the forum tag me or one of the leaders by typing in @ that sign and the coders name
  • To get started if you have never coded before I suggest watching videos
  • Have fun and don't care what other people think of you!


Welcome to the forum! :D

I saw your account just a few minutes ago while I was looking at likes. XD


Welcome again. XD

Here's the community guidelines!

Also, I recommend looking at the FAQ! There's tons of useful and important information about the forum there. :D
(To get to the FAQ: Click the three gray lines near your profile in the top corner and click FAQ. :D)

Welcome again!

I'm going to keep saying that. XD


Welcome, @The_Utopia! :D

By the way, I love your game! :D


Welcome to the forum!
If you'd see our faces, they'd be smiling with welcome.
Congrats on your first featured project! That's a big deal!
Can't wait to see what amazing things you'll do :wink:


I love that game of yours. You will like it here.
Don't be off topic. :D


Wow, you game is AWSOME! I love it. Can you do a sequel?


Yeah! Can you make an awesome sequel?


Welcome to the forum!!

If you ever want help, type my name like this ("@KVJ") and I'll do my best to help!!

also: congratulations!!


Hi!!,!, I remeber i was new here and these guys were awesome.


Were?! They still are! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: XD