Hi! I'm new around here


Hi everyone! I’m new here!

Anyone want to be friends?


I do and to get started type @discobot start new user


Hello @HeyoMyNameIsEvan! It is nice to meet you. I´d really like to be your friend! :slight_smile:


Hello xse
That is YOU


@HeyoMyNameIsEvan, welcome to the forum! Have a lovely time here and stay out of trouble!


Hey! I’d love to be your friend! I’m sorta new around here too.


Welcome! I’ll like to be your friend.
Have you read the community guidelines?
Hope you have fun!


cool hello welcome to the forum
…enjoy your stay


dude every time you do this i start laughing so hard i cant breathw


@HeyoMyNameIsSam anyone???


@HeyoMyNameIsSam got suspended :confused:


we know :roll_eyes: but they can come back with a diff account


That guy?

I witnessed his antics.

They were pathetic, did you know he was @allyb?


yeah he could of been

but she denied it


Did I say allyb?

That’s the official explanation.

He was actually @Aariv
If you sponsor a documentary about it I will make one.


i don’t think he was here when sam was


That’s what he wants you to think!

You can spin near my documentary and you’ll learn more.


i’m sorry but who even are you


yeah really. i feel like they’re just another troll.


I am 014, PhD, md, od, bcd, cea, leader of 014 Productions, official forum rules knowledge dude. I make Forum documentaries for channel 014. Most people say they’re wrong. Nindroidgames confirmed with magmapop that mine about him was correct thoug.