Hi I'm new and I need some tips on how to begin!!!


Hi I’m new to the forum! I’ve been hopscotchin’ for over 3 years and I need some tips and tricks on how to begin. Also I am looking for a collab partner. Preferably a girl and over 9 years old. Check out my Hopscotch account its GlitteryButterfly1!!! Thanks! :wink:


Hello @GlitteryButterfly1! Welcome to the forum! I can’t really help that much, so, I’m sorry. But you can just tag me (just to talk or something) by putting the ‘@’ sign in front of my username


Hey @GlitteryButterfly1 to begin start by typing @discobot start new user I would love to be your collab partner and You con contact me anytime by typing @WarmheartedPrincess


Hello and welcome to the forum! I see that you’ve already changed your profile picture, made topics and so on. Just tell me if you need anything else! It’s nice to meet you :slight_smile:


I am qualified to be your collab partner


Hello there! Welcome to the forum! I see you’ve already figured your way around here!

Word of caution, though. Collab accounts are risky if you post the pas.sword and use.rname publicly. However, if you and your partner have a secure and private way of communication, then it’s fine; otherwise, in order to collab, you and your partner will have to remix each other’s additions to the project.

For example, you create the basic layout of whatever you’re making, then your partner remixes the project adding something new and so on.

On the forum, choose from three groups: the Hall Monitors, the Neutrals and the Rebels, though I’d suggest you join the neutrals.

Any questions? Just tag me like this: @ArtisticCoder
Hope this helps <3


Or, to pass the password, make sure both of you are on and one of you posts the password and as soon as the other person sees it, they should like it, then it should be deleted.


Welcome to the forum!! I’m @the_dancer!