Hi I'm new :0000


Try editing this post :
( By the way : you got 100th post! )

Wow that's cool!


It worked! Thanks so much :000


Hi, Zena! It's me! XD

I'm so confused ;-;


Why can't I edit this post? I pressed the button…


You mightn't yet to be a member??...


I am a member, though.


You probably haven't recieved the trust level of "member".


Hi @Blackberry! I see you're new to the forum too, do you have an account on hopscotch??


Is it your birthday today?


I have. I know I have.


Welcome to the Forum @Chocolate! If you ever need anything just put the @ sign in front of my name like this @Kitkat26

Happy Birthday @Chocolate!! May your birthday be super duper chocolatey. XD



Oh thanks! :slight_smile:

I left for a while sorry

Thanks @KitKat26 :slight_smile:


It was February 1st but I wasn't here... :slight_smile:


She does, she's CharitableBlackberry but she's taking a break right now


Hi @HappyPerson Can we chat in my genral topic


Finally someone's on!! Wait for a new topic!


I like that!! BTW, Good job!!


Thanks! I hope it helped you. :)


You're welcome!!! :slight_smile:


Hi i'm Kosho (Don't ask) glad you joined the forums! It is really great to see new people :slight_smile: If you ever need someone to talk to tag me in my Genaral topic like this @Kosho also check out these great topics to start you out

I think that is all so have fun on the forum :smiley: