Hi I'm new :0000


Who knows?

Maybe I am a fish!



Maybe?! A fish that can use a device! :joy:
Anyway LGBOT ( let's get back on topic )




Yeah, it's interesting

But she loves blackberries so not surprising


Yeah. Do you like chocolate?


Yeah, I'm a chocolate person :slight_smile:

I hate milk chocolate though

Yeah I'm weird.


So you only like dark chocolate? Do you like any other kinds such as white chocolate?


Eh white chocolate is fine, I just don't prefer it.

Dark chocolate is my favorite. I also love caramels

That's the only time I have milk chocolate


OK! I don't eat candy in general so I would not know.

How was your day?


Good, except for an annoying boy yelling at me in health

My birthday is coming up next Wednesday so my friends gave me cards a week early :slight_smile:


Woah that would be cool! My fish jumped on my iPad once :joy: we had to put him/her back in! It was so funny


What kind of fish?


It was a beta I think

I forget exactly how to spell it XD


I used to have a beta...

He died​:slight_frown::disappointed_relieved:

(PumpkinGirl doesn't know I am a fish with a water-proof iPad. I learned how to type in my school ! LOL! Sorry for the bad joke!)


I'm sorry to hear that... :pensive:
Maybe I do know you're a fish! :wink: Anyways, LGBOT


So what can you do when you become a member

  • Reply more times in a day
  • Like more times in a day
  • Edit posts that have wiki edit


What's wiki? Is it Wikipedia?


Wiki edit! :smile:
Regulars can use that on a post and hopscotchers, members and up, can edit the post!


Wait I just got member! Woah! :000000