Hi I'm new :0000




Hey @Chocolate
Just tag me with the @ sign if you ever need help like this!
@Paige1212 then i will get a notification!
Have fun exploring the forum more!!
And remember if you are creating a topic remember it has to be hopscotch related!
And dont create to many non hopscotch related or the same topic another hopscotcher created because it might clog up the forum!
Here are some cool topics


You're making this topic clogged with negativity..
I'm not sure that @Chocolate wants this?


I don't. It makes me sad :confused:


@Paige1212 thanks so much! :smiley:


Your welcome!
I like to welcome hops!:blush:
Do you give out chocolate?!
Like this​:chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:




I care. I don't want people to be depressed depression isn't something that makes anyone feel good. So if you really need help I want to help you :slight_smile:




@Chocolate welcome to the forum! (Sorry for replying so late....) tag me anytime @danaball20! Also do you want to be friends?



@ArNR Um, I just said I don't want you to be depressed. I'm not going to give you therapy classes, and honestly, that would be strange. I don't know you well, that's true but I want to be friends

Is that okay? Sorry for trying to be nice


No, I'm sorry. I'm in a bad situation. I get angry sometimes, sorry.


It's okay I get angry too. Right now I yelled at someone in health class. :0




Sorry. But that someone was annoying and anyone would've too



The ironic thing is I want to be friends with someone named chocolate, but I don't like chocolate...


Don't like chocolate?! :fearful: Joking! XD
Have you tried different variations of chocolate??


@FreshGuppy that's okay, you don't have to like chocolate

My friend doesn't either (except for on blackberries)


Chocolate covered blackberries?


After all, your personality aren't determined by your username! :sweat_smile: