Hi I'm new :0000


Hi, I'm IKeudin! You can tag me any time and I'll be happy to help. Tag me '@IKeudin'! Enjoy the Forum :blush:


Popularity on the forum isn't usually about how many features you have, it's more of if your nice and active. Sure, having good coding totally effects it most of the time, but hey, popularity isn't what this forum and Hopscotch is about. ;D

You are awesome @ArNR. Your projects are great! Just remember popularity isn't important on the forum or Hop.




They were just asking as it was their topic and they don't want any anger or violence on it! :slight_smile:




I'm just letting you know! :sweat_smile:




Welcome to the forum!
My name is Reffy, but you can call me Meowntain :DDD
This forum is very confusing, you probably need some help!

Reply limits are just so our bot named system can make sure you aren't a spam bot!
Some people can change their titles!
Awww.. You're new, it is okay that you made a mistake. I'm sure ArNR will forgive you.


Don't feel sad! Just apologize. Everyone makes mistakes :)


Hey @Chocolate! What is your HS username?


@Chocolate This isn't your fault, you were just creating a topic about something and ArNR disagreed.
It wasn't an arguement and you shouldn't be sad!! You're only new to the forum after all. :laughing:


Health is sad...

I am in the swimming unit of gym.


Welcome to the awesome community of Hopsotch Forum!

I love chocolates too :3


Yes, chocolates are awesome XD

Anyway, welcome, Chocolate! I think the people before me have explained enough. Lol, I'm LavenderArts (I'm obsessed with making accounts, I know, I'm strange) feel free to tag me anytime!


Oh, that makes sense!
Thanks so much!


Your are in high school?


I didn't disagree with her. I disagreed with DMF.


You can first put your device in landscape mode and then there is a wrench you can clice that to make a poll, blur text, hide details like this-

Open this

hello this is how you do it.

fisαΉ­ reply to my post and click the speech bubble to see the trick!

You can also hide text like this-


And poll like this-

  • First you need to click the wrench thingy
  • Then click "build pOll"
  • Then type
  • Done'


Votes are public.

you can also yag me anytime like this-


We aren't fighting :slight_smile: Just he's having depression...
Welcome to the forum btw! :smiley:


K hello nice username !
I'm Smilingstudios wanna be friends