Hi I'm new :0000


No! Even when I wasn't famous, it was fun here! Some people are sometimes rude, but you just should ignore them :slight_smile:


I'm talking to you right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, well I said POPULAR, popularity is different from being famous. Popularity is when people LIKE you.
Being famous is when people KNOW/ RESPECT you.


Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you :cold_sweat:




I saw it :sweat_smile:
Does that means that I hurted you?


Check. My. Bio.


I'm sorry...


Exactly. I'm done.


It's fun for me.



It's very fun here.


Good, thanks

I'm in seventh grade health though, so that's sad :C

People are nice here though cool


@Petrichor it seems fun to me
@ArNr and @Dmf why are you fighting?


It seems like they are trying to avoid fighting.


It's very fun and helpful!
Hope we can be frens!

Tag me anytime if you need anything, like this:


If the tag works, it'll look like this when you post it:



I have loads of fun on the forum and I'm not popular! :laughing:
@Chocolate Welcome to the forum!! Tag me anytime you need help!!


Don't worry, you won't have a reply limit anymore once you get to the next rank!


Same for me!
I'm not popular at all XD


Also "regular" is a status, you get it once you're a hugely contributing member of the forum! :sweat_smile:
I have a topic here on how to get it :


@Chocolate the next rank for you is "member".
You should get it within a few days! :sweat_smile:
Although you are already a member you only have the status of "member".