Hi! Im KawaiiRose



So I just have ONE question. WHAT R THHHOOOSSSEEE
Also, how do you post pics, Drawings, etc.?


welcome to the forum!

If you ever want help, type "@KVJ"!


If you go to new topics you can do ' + Ask Question' and you can post there!

If you ever need help do @StRiKe_Charler123 and I'll be there to help!


You can post those by clicking Upload when you're typing!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! I'm Dancing Lollipop! You can tag me for help by doing @DancingLollipop! To learn how to use the forum, look at these topics!


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Thanks, @Intellection74


Remember, the forum is always a really friendly place!

Oh and, I'm always here to help if you need help!


Thanks, @DancingLollipop too! Also, do you do gif requests?



If you need anything, type @Candycane and I'll be right there!


cough cough i do gif request cough cough


Sorry but no ;-;
@Deadfr is though! I would ask her!


Greetings, I'm @DreamyLemon.

(I'm probably the most organised person here)


Welcome to the forum! And to post pictures, tap the arrow button.


Welcome To The Forum @KawaiiRose! Remember, Don't Get Off Topic


Remember, Don't Curse
Don't Turn Topics Into Chat Rooms
Always Be On Topic
Be Nice
Have Fun!