Hi, I'm IKeudin!



I was on the forum under a different name but after taking a break I'm back!
My name is IKeudin, that's coding spelt phonetically- kəʊdɪŋ
What would you like next from me?

  • A collab
  • A forum game
  • A Hopscotch game


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Hai there!

Are you going to say your other account, or would you not like to reveal it?

Welcome again XD




I wanted to change my name on the forum!


Makes sense XD

Okay then, hai!


You should do a collab! It'd be really cool!


Hai! :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday @IKeudin!!



Thanks, I'm so sorry I haven't replied sooner, I haven't been on HS. I really appreciate it :blush:


Happy Anniversary @IKeudin!!:gift::gift::balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada:


Happy anniversary Senpai come back