Hi, I'm here...


Hi. My name is ChridtianSupporter, and I support Christians. I was going to be a Godly religion supporter, but than that was too many characters. Been watching this forum when I joined hopscotch... which is start of December. Only made one project. Possibly making one for today's challenge idk. Ask if you wanna know my hopscotch account. It's kind of complex haha. I hope you guys like me. Also, there is an LGBT supporter so why not. My us account is not my forum account, just do you know haha. Please give me featured @TheHopscotchTewm. Thank you. Have an awesome day. Remember the true meaning we of Christmas.

God loves you!!!!!!

Your Fellow Friend


Welcome To Da Forum!
Also you don't have to sign your post
But that's okay if you do


Cool. Also, I took over 2 years to get featured.... Then a month... Then a week...


I don't think you can just ask for featured... You can nominate stuff though!


You can't just ask to be featured. You have to earn it.



It's cool that you want to share your religion! Just make sure to be respectful of other religions and towards LGBT people.

(I'm Jewish and Christian)


Hi there


Um hi it's me, you mentioned me

Do u have a hopscotch acc.?
How did u know about me? Do u have another acc.?