Hi I'm fried hamburger


It's not allowed.
I'm trying to keep everyone safe


Hey @FriedHamburger! Welcome to the forum!
Is this a second account and is this your profile pic?


How are u keeping them safe?

If they are over 13 then they are allowed


Why does it matter if it is their second account or if that is their profile pic


Where does it say that?
They can track him down


Welcome @FriedHamburger!
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I said


And it's not ur responsibility especially if they are over 13


If it's there second account they need help with using the forum and if it's their first account they don't know they're not allowed to have a profile pic of themself :hugging:


How do u know it's of them?


Sorry not allowed.
It kinda is all of ours


Sorry grammar mistake :joy:


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I consider that offensive

Just is that you?


Is what me

I consider all of what ur saying offensive it's just I don't flag cause I'm not gonna grass

Plus, it wasn't offensive since, I was just stating TRUE FACTS

you CANT argue with that

But whatevs go ahead and flag

Doesn't affect me


It's not allowed. Liza says so. I can find the quote if you want to see it. Please don't insult people.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Can you? If not can you give me the topic name?


XD I wasn't mad but I like to defend myself


I would but I'm about to go in the subway so gtg be back in like 15 min I will then


@Ella_13 why do you always have to start a flame war.
If have something mean to say, don't say it.