Hi! I'm a sister to someone here!


Hi guys! So I'm new to both Hopscotch and the forum. What is the forum? What is hopscotch? What tricks are there on the forum?

My sister is here on the forum :DD

She says this is how people talk so yeah!

Unlike her, I want to do perfect punctuation! c: <--- she said @Maltese made that?


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Thank You! What is it like here? My sister is showering. :D


Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you! :D!
Just curious, but who is your sibling on hs?


The Hopscotch Forum is a place to discuss with other hopscotchers about hopscotch! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @IntelligentMelon37! I love your username!

I'm Crazy_cake on hopscotch and i hope you have a great time here! :D
What is your sisters username? :D


Oh yeah, she told me about the trick to do in between in the < h> : and D.

Idk why it happens but it does XD
She told me to return like this
Idk why


EnchantedHopscotcher. She singing in the shower right now XD

She also told me about having limited replies
While she's showering, I'm gonna sneak onto her account if I run out XD


Hi, @IntelligentMelon37! Nice to meet you!

The forum is a place where other Hopscotchers talk to each other about code, give tips, and help each other!

Hopscotch is (the best) coding app ever, it teaches about code using blocks, it's really fun!

There are lots of tricks!

I'll show you later. XD


Ok den! My sister has you as a coding partner.
How do I get one?
Are we allowed to share our names here?


XD EnchantedHopscotcher is awesome! :D

Yep, you have limited replies so use them wisely!
If you run out you can click the pencil on the bottom of your post and edit in replies, or sneak onto your sister s account xD

Edit: You can share your first names here only!


You can make a topic asking for one.

And then you can find a person who is interested and code with them!

You can only share your first name, we don't want anyone tracking you. :0

We want everyone to be safe. :)


Oh okay den. I'm Blessing.
What's xD? Is it small XD?
Also, she always fights with me XD
Not a good sister but whatever
Sometimes she plays with me

@Maltese oh okay then.


Hi there!

What's your hopscotch username

Welcome to the forum


Cool name! I'm Avery :D

A 'xD' is a small 'XD' :D
Lol, I don't know what to like having siblings, I'm an only child :0 :D


As I said, I'm new. It's the same as my forum username :D



Who's your sister?


Not the best XD :joy::stuck_out_tongue:
20 characters




Didn't see that xD


Hey lol