Hi I’m new - please give me any tips :)


It’s me Candy
I’m mostly on the hs app but I’ll check here once in a while!

The forum is pretty confusing for me but I’ll probably get used to it.
Any tips for new accounts on the hs forum


Hi. Welcome to the Forum.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the linked topic.

You can also go to yctahh to talk about any hopscotch projects you are making, if any.

Have a question about your code? Ask it in Debug my Code.

Found a bug in the app? Report it in Bugs with Hopscotch

Want to showcase your project and its updates? Create a topic in Project Updates

If you have any other questions, feel free to tag me


hello @CanDyy ! welcome to the forum!! you may introduce yourself over that topic if you’d like ;)

you’ll soon get used to the layout. basically, this entire place is the forum, where there are categories. the categories are there to separate different types of topic (you just created a topic!) and inside each topic there are replies (i am replying right now)

the most common topics are introduce yourself (i highly recommend you do to that!) and you can talk about hopscotch here (basically a general chat place, but all about Hopscotch and coding). you can star over these places, and grow your implication by visiting and get used to other topics. if your bored, you can also play one of our leader-hosted forum game - just make sure to read how to play first!

excited to see you around! out of curiosity, what is your favourite project youve made?


I didn’t realise that you asked a question sorry!

My favourite project is on my hopscotch account [on the app] is:

Just to say I didn’t remix that. I made it but I posted it on my cousins account instead (by accident).


Hey cousin!
how are you doing?

Oh hi everyone else! I’m also new to the forum!


Hello! Please go and check out Community guidelines and feel free to introduce yourself here
If you want to talk about hopscotch you can go here! you can also tag the leaders if you need help!

Hope you enjoy the forum!

  • candy

Thank you!


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