Hi i’m new. I need help


Hello I’m Magicstudio and i’m in the hopscotch app. Can someone please help figure out how to do things?



Hi, nice to meet you! Here are some things to get you started on the forum:

If you ever need help, you can tag anybody by typing an @ sign then their name, like this @sophia71205

Also, a moderator will have to check your first few posts to make sure that you aren’t just spam making accounts.

If you are also new to Hopscotch, you can look around the forum for tips. Also, here is a good project:


Welcome to the forum, @MagicStudio!


Hello @MagicStudio and welcome to the forum! Look at the links that everyone else above posted, they are really useful to get started. I would also recommend to take a look at this topic:


wwelcoem to the forwum!


Omg thats meee. Hi @MagicStudio! Tag me anytime


Welcome to the forum, @MagicStudio!
I hope you are starting to get used to the forum! Thank you @William04GamerA for linking my topic!

Make sure to let any forumer know if you are experiencing bugs or issues! Everyone understands and will help you!