Hi I’m new here


I’m new. Hi. I found about the forum on hopscotch.
Anyway, hi and I’m happy to be here
I like stuff. Yeah


HI fren
I’m fatcat or cat


Hi I’m @Mei welcome to the forum!


welcome i guess




hai there :wave:t2:


Thanks for welcoming me!


Welcome! you’ll meet a lot of nice people… you can tag me @MK0825 whenever you need help or if you just want to chat…

Just anytime In general… although sometimes I wont respond because im ar school or asleep… I would get back to you as soon as possible… I check the fourm pretty often so i wont miss anything


Hello, welcome! If you need any help just tag me like this @TheCMStudios


Hello and welcome to the forum! What is your name on Hopscotch? I would really like to check your projects out!


I don’t code, much hehehe
I’m one of those annoying people who remix here and there
I get many accounts,
One is holidaycodes, where I made holiday projects
It was a collab though, but I made all of the projects and someone else did the ideas


Okay. I´ll check those accounts out soon!


hi @TheCMStudios I like your logo


Welcome to the forum!


Hello and Welcome to the forum @AverageGiraffe ! I hope you enjoy your time here and I can help in any way I can!
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