Hi! I’m new! Call me Sam


Hi! What do I do here?


You mean


It’s not me lol
I wish it was


Hello Sam! Do you have the app “Hopscotch”?


Hi Sam!

Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! Its a place to learn to code better, and its also fun! :D


Some actual new guy.


Why are you on the suspects list?


Who are those?


Thank you! :3


Welcome to the forum, @HeyoMyNameIsSam


Maybe it could be you…




Because you never know.


i don’t think it’s Jonny

maybe it is idk🤔


Yeah, I think it’s you :joy:

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: I forgot about @JohnnyGamer! I love him!

lol I wish Sam was me
Why has there been a sudden burst of alts recently?? Hmm


I think they are non- popular Forumers who wanted attention, so they made alternate accounts so people would think they are Xse, and get more attention.


Yeah that makes sense
Silly Xse wannabes, I bet they don’t even know what he did


Well, I think everyone overreacted about what he did. He said some terrible things, but most if the time he was just saying what he thought was right, just everyone hated him for what he wrote before, so they took offense to what he wrote.


Sorry I’m outa likems

This whole ordeal started way back in May even before you joined

In May, t1 and I were building up the maths topic, when this dude named Xse comes on and starts talking some high level math

And then he starts bullying people saying that they are stupid, and swearing at them. And this goes on for a few weeks and then t1 bans him

Once Xse’s ban is lifted, t1 has left, so he decides to cause chaos on the forum by doing the acts that I’ve listed in these topics:


Is I think possible to see his posts on the math topic?