Hi! I’m CatsThatPaint


Hey! You might know me from hopscotch. I’m CatsThatPaint! A drawing account. I’m new to the forum. Plz welcome me and yeah! If you want to find me on hopscotch, search PokemonPaints you’ll see CatsThatPaint. THATS ME!


Hi! I’m Yusamac205! If you need help with the forum, just tag me by putting an @ in front of my username.


Hihihihi! Welcome to the forum!
I am a HUGE fan of your HS art!
If you need any help, just tag me at @Chibimeringue


Hi! Welcome to the fourm! You can tag me any time @MK0825
although I’m sure you wont


Hi, welcome! If you need help just tag me like this @TheCMStudios


Hello fellow artist!

Welcome to the Hopscotch forums where you can discuss code, creativity an more!

okay enough with the fancy junk

I’m rex. I’m pretty much the local crazy guy who is obsessed with undertale

on the app you can find me by just looking up mr.rex (I’m the one with CS in my name)

I do art and sometimes code and generally weird stuff

Now I’m gonna be straight and honest with ya here- there can be quite a lot of drama


Welcome to the forum @CatsThatPaint! Write like this in a post @William04GamerA if you ever need any help or just want to talk. That will send me a notification here on the forum so that I can help you! :slight_smile:


You post art on this topic


howdy welcome to literal hell
im your local undertale fan
literally all I do is related to undertale
so yeah you will regret this but it’s your choice


Like you said,
Don’t get addicted to this forum

I’m happy I only go on it every two days


Hi! I’m Wynter :slight_smile:
Here’s something I wrote up a while ago:


It's a delight to have new forumers come! To get started, browse through some of the topics that have already been created to see what the forum is all about.

Things to remember about topics

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  • Always make topics relating to
    *or hopscotch
  • If you like to get input on your projects, consider making a topic specifically for that, versus making a new topic each time that you want to get suggestions
  • SBYP, or search before you post. Sometimes when you have a question, it has already been answered! Try searching through topics by clicking the :mag: icon up at the top of the page.

How to be a helpful Hopscotcher

When you are on other people's topics -- whether you are helping them out or simply chatting with others (or even learning from others), remember to always be cordial and kind. Even if someone disagrees with you, be respectful of their opinion, and discuss civilly, not irrationally or heatedly. Also, remember to keep your discussion on-topic -- if you're in a coding collaboration, remember to only discuss that coding collaboration, not anything else. Same goes for any other topic.

Places to go when you don't have any ideas for what to code

Sometimes, no matter how great a coder you are, you just don't have any ideas of *what* to make! In that case, check out these links.

Rawrbear’s list is an impressively long source of inspiration!

My list is one that anyone can add to – it’s constantly changing.

This is Yusamac205’s topic of creativity – it has a lot of fun things other than coding ideas!

Forum abbreviations

  • OMTL: Official Mass Tag List
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  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • RN: Right Now
  • IRL: In Real Life

This is currently a work in progress – you can help out by adding more sections or suggesting sections. I will credit you! Thank you!


Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions!

I am @the_dancer! I hope we can become friends!


Welcome to the forum
Im @CG75
Nice to meet you ٩( ᐛ )و

I’m Havke (but I’ve left and I’m now Havke is gone) and used to be JustAnotherFudger was my old acc on hopscotch btw


So this is a new talk. Not a new topic, because I really don’t want to clog the forum. So, if any of you have seen my hs account recently I drew a manga girl, and I would think it’s kinda like a SG3A rating. Now, this might be only because it’s my drawing or it WAS first on trending with 54 likes in one hour. I also just made an art pad to. And it has 93 colors! So yeah… I just wanted to update this topic! Byeeeee!!!




Hi! Why don’t you make a GT so you can talk about anything and/or talk with people?


@SuperGirl3Acer (I am just tagging you because you have been closing topics recently, and I don’t want to spam the other Leaders with tags.)

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