Hi! I finally got an account!



Hey guys! S.O.S Art!!! So I've finally been able to join the forum!!! No idea what I'll do on here but..... anyway! Just wanted to say hi! If u wanna communicate, I'm here!:smiley:


Hai! @S.O.S_Art!

It's Crazy_cake! Welcome to the forum!
Make sure to check out the community guidelines!:

Your going to have a great time! (Crazy)


Hi! Welcome! Of you need help tag me like this: @bluedogmc-official

I'll find some stuff for you soon, hold on!


Hai SOS! Have you checked the rules and stuff? Oh, you can tag me, or anyone with a @, then there name. @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum, Or in your case, @S.O.S_Art


I love your art! It is amazing! Welcome to the Forum!


Havn't really read everything but I get the gist of it!


EEEEEEEEEE YEY SENPAI IS HERE!!!!! I can't belive you followed and spam liked me! If freaked out!!!!


Finally. You is finally here.


HELLO! I really like your art on Hopscotch :D


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!:blush:


Hi, @S.O.S_Art! It's @AwesomeNachos! You should check out the drawing topic!


How do I do that????


Press the :mag:, and search 'Drawing' and choose what topic you what!


Welcome to the forum..nice to see you on here!!!


Ok thanks!! I'll definitely try it!


@S.O.S_Art! Welcome to the forum! I'm nit on here much lol but :stuck_out_tongue:you can see my paper art in the drawing topic :D(and post yours)


Hello sos art u r awesome
The forum is for discussion
Awesome stuff related to hopscotch ( only related to hopscotch)


Hi! Welcome to the forum! You'll have a great time here! Just be you, and everything will be ok. I'll help you if you need it!

Here you can get a coding partner, collab, help others, ask for help, and more!

Just to let you know, you have limited replies on your first day! Use them wisely!

Want to known how to make bold text?

Put ** before and after the word or sentence!

There are some awesome people here you can talk to!

For example, there are @Kiwicute2016, @Gilbert189, @Bananadog, and @Maltese!

There are a lot of awesome people!

We're all here to help you

There is a new member! You have limited replies!

Then there is basic user!

Then member!

After that, theirs regular!

There are two more that are manually promoted!

Leaders and moderators!

They can all close topics!

Some word trends:
Asparagus potato!

Those are misspelled on purpose!

Some popular emoticons!
And more!

I suggest you search up the community guidelines!

Those help you here in the forum!

Need more help? Just tag me @DreamerGirl. I know you well on Hopscotch, so I'm good with you! You'll have a great time here!

P.S This message is actually written by @EnchantedAnimallover. I forwarded it! Hope you don't mind!


Welcome, @S.O.S_Art! If you need any help, tag me like this: @William04GamerA and I'll be there!


hello @S.O.S_Art have you checkd out the topic called "drawing on paper compared to an ipad" yet? it has a bunch of artists on there... and if your looking for a famous artists then try to find orangescent1! have fun on the forums.