Hi! I am New! 😊


Welcome to the forum! I LOVE your username @BrilliantSunshine! If you need any help, just put @ in front of my username like this: @Dude73. Then I will try to help as much as I can! :smile:


Hiya BriiliantSunshine!

Welcome to hopscotch! I'm pretty sure you will love it. Everyone's nice, but rarely, you'll see less nice people. If you press the "create" button next to your username on the app, then there are tutorials on how to code! On the app I'm AcuteAlpaca. Feel free to ask me anything you want!


Can you like a project @BrilliantSunshine? I wanna know if I followed the right one.


Thank you! I love your username! (Sorry to ask, but are you a dude or a girl?). Either way, I'm sure you're really nice!


I just liked a bunch of projects! There are so many cool projects out there, I guess I'm a newbie.... :disappointed:


I am a girl. I can't wait to spread happiness with you! :smile:


Welcome to the forum!


Ok, last question: click on the :zap:️ Inside hopscotch. Does it say "Pixel Master 64 started following you!"?


Sadly, no. On your first day you have a limited amount of replies so new users don't spam. :pensive:


You posted too much replies.... you'll have to wait 19 hours before posting again. It's ok if you don't reply because I know why you can't!


Welcome to the forum! Have fun and enjoy everything!


Welcome!!!!! I don't think I've ever ran out of likes! I'm trying to be nicer and use more likes now


Yay!!! @Dude73 @PixelMaster64
I can reply and like things again!!!!


Yay! You get unlimited replies now! :smile:


Yesterday I couldn't LIKE....:expressionless: try to pay attention to that to....


I can help with any hopscotch things but I was new to the forum yesterday so aren't quite so good at this.Still, @ me if you need anything
- :cherries::turtle::watermelon:
( that is my emoji signature instead of writing pinkcherry38 )


There are now, 1600 users of the hopscotch forum! Yay!