Hi! I am New! 😊


Hi everyone, I am Brilliant Sunshine. I hope I can make everyone happy! I try my best to be nice, but that doesn't always work out.
I just downloaded hopscotch and I'm not sure what to do yet!
I hope to see everyone around!

I am BrilliantSunshine :smile: on hopscotch!

Dude 73 and Pixel Master 64 said that I can't post anymore (I've run out of posts) so I guess I'll just browse around the forum and like stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my first like! I'm so happy right now! I know it is kind of silly, but that means a lot to me! Thank you so much, whoever liked my project!

I think I just ran out of likes :sob: @Dude73




@hiimnew lol


Welcome to the forum! Here, we discuss things happening on hopscotch and just communicate with each other! I wouldn't take this from me, though! @Kiwicute2016 is THE BOMB DOT COM!!


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If you need any help, just ask!

I also know if people have secret accounts so everyone better be nice! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome @BrilliantSunshine! Here in the forum you can make cool things like polls or blurry text! (tap on it) for blurry text just type in [spoiler] what you wanna say [/ spoiler] (don't space, I did that to demonstrate)
And polls you make like this!
[poll ]
- option 1
- option 2
(This time don't space on the [poll] but space in the - option) Try it out!


Hai! I'm a test subject!


What's @BrilliantSunshine?


Ahaha I can't make a poll


Hi!i can teach you about the levels (basically) right now your a basic next is member like me then regular you have to be on 50 days to get regular finally a leader like @anymous or @Kiwicute2016 they where voted and promoted by the hopscotch team


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@BrilliantSunshine, what's your hopscotch account? I wanna follow you!


Is ur hopscotch account BrilliantSunshine?


Hi @BrilliantSunshine!
Welcome! I recommend watching the video tutorials and liking cool projects. You can change the code on your faves and learn cool code! But you can always count on great Hopscotchers like @SmileyAlyssa, @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, @SmilingSnowflakes, and so on to help you learn!
I like to be happy, too! Maybe you could join @Ihasfluffycupcakes' Positivity Club! (Just search up "Positivity Club" in the search engine.)
Again, welcome! :blush:


Welcome! Just ask if you need any help, my Hopscotch account is William04GamerA!


Hello, and welcome! I love you username! I try to make people happy too, maybe we can do that together! :smile:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @BrilliantSunshine!


:stuck_out_tongue: why do I have a feeling I know who @BrilliantSunshine is?


hello and welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing you here!