Hi, I am new to the forums


I love that you are spreading the word! I don't have autism, but my mom is actually thinking of getting me checked or however that works. :unamused:

My friend irl does have autism though. He doesn't use the forum, but if he saw this I'm sure he would be really happy! He has to have a service dog to take care of him.

I'm really happy you're spreading the word!

Go blue colors!



tag me anytime


Do you have an hs account


I know that dang limit

I will follow it!


My brother has autism


Welcome! It's great that you're informing people, but can you explain what autism is, sorry if I seem ignorant for not knowing.


He's 11
Almost 12


Will you only be talking about Autism or will you do other things too


Hey, I'm Bella! Welcome to the forum! It's great that you're raising awareness for Autism :smile:


Welcome to the forum!


Hi @AutismAwarness1131 ! Welcome to the forum ! I hope you have a lovely time here and if you need any help , just @me , like this @Silverdolphin . I then will receive a notification and I will come to help you !

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@AutismAwarness1131 You should make a club for autism awarness. It could be like the hopscotchers against bullying club, except it would be autism awareness! :slight_smile:


Great idea!
Autism awareness is very important! ;D


Hello there, and welcome to the forum!

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This is really awesome!

I actually am getting to know a lot of autistic people, don't be afraid to go talk to them.

They are uselay really nice

Don't look at them like there not like you

They are human, talk to them!

It's cool getting to know people

And if they don't have friends becuase there socially awkward go and talk to them because think about you just being at school with no friends :frowning:

Great idea


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Sorry I was late!

Welcome to the forum!

Wanna be friends?


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I think it's great that you are raising awareness about autism!


Welcome @AutismAwarness1131!

Tag me anytime you want help ("@KVJ" is what you type)!

Thanks @Silverdolphin


Thanks for all of your help
Go to http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/autism-club-anyone-can-join/28330?u=autismawarness1131 this is a autism club.