Hi i am new to the forum (highly likely ‘tis an alt)



You called yourself a troll…


Please post links. I have never done such a thing as that.


Go to the stop flagging BlastFusion topic…


I reffered to myself as “trolling” which implies that I’m a troller, not a troll.
It’s like calling someone who kills people a “kill”.
Two different nouns, two different meanings.


A troll is the same thing as a troller. It is true that the verb ‘troll’ does indeed exist, but it also means ‘to be a troller’, or something in that definition. Using the two words Kill and Killer are not appropriate for this situation, because troll and troller are internet slang which makes them immune to grammar mistakes
Argue with me if you like but you are a troll
Or I guess troller if we’re doing it your way


Welcome to the forum! I wish I would have thought of your username :slight_smile:


Not exactly… when you call someone a troll it is also correct… this only applies to certain words…


Like u were telling a lie?


my god people just chill for a moment


Welcome to the forum!
Be sure to reply and like to topics! You can totally start off by reading to get used to the forum!!

If you have any questions, feel free to tag me using the @ sign! You can put this in front of any username and it will notify them! (@Swati_Bang)


Welcome to the forum! If you want to get started, I recommed this topic:


It’s a pleasure to see someone pleasured by the same fact that pleasures me. We have something in common already.


That is so nice of you all


what is up with all of these new users


I just was thinking the same thing.

Although the chance of them all being alt accounts is high, I think a lot of them are actual accounts. I have been trying to do some forum advertising on Hopscotch, as I know a ton of other users are also doing as well… perhaps that made some kind of impact?


You can rest assured, this is not my account.


This is not MY account…


What do u mean that is not ur name


I was quoting him… basically saying the exact same thing as you


Oh okay i see lol i :rage: