Hi I am back for now


Well hello everyone, I am back here for now. I know that I was gone last week and most of this week. I am having to get in that habit of waking up and 6:30 and going to school. I am also in a play and that doesn't hall me at all. I am also having to adjust back to school. I mean all of my friends have kinda abandoned me and all I have are you guys and a friend at church. I will still be on Hopscotch so don't worry. I am ready to start a new year here and I am ready to make some awesome projects. If you are a person who I invited to this topic you inspire me and help me when I need help.


Welcome Back! I have also been getting in the habit of waking up early.... Again.... I feel you, I love doing all kinds of sports after school!
I can't wait to see you more on the forum/hopscotch again!


Thanks I am in the band so yay for having to practice the clarinet.


You must always feel tired after school! :grin:

I hope you have a good adjustment! :wink:


I play the clarinet, but I don't practice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (I know, call me lazy)