Computerguy91 IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at the old hopscotch forms summaries that they used to email me and I was like "I miss these guys so much" so I decided to COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Also can someone plz comment on how to make the emojis. I forgot! Share this to spread the News!!!!


Hi, welcome back! We've never met so, hi friends?


Hi ok sure hi hi hi hi (i did that cuz u need 20 characters)


Thanks for the Welcome Back!


Hi the way you make the emojis are you put the dots these : and there should be a chart that pops up!
then you choose the emoji you want there and if it does not work tag me and I will help!
WELCOME BACK @Computerguy91!!!!!!!!!


Do you remember me? I don't really remember you, but hey! Welcome back!


Hey welcome back! Nice to meet ya @Computerguy91


Thx a lot #laser_eyed_puppy!!


Thx @laser_eyed_puppy


:wink: Thx a lot @laser_eyed_puppy!!!!!


so uhh, why are you here, specifically?


It seems like you are an old user like me! (you started the forum long time ago). I also did this kind of comeback, but a year ago. Welcome back @Computerguy91!


Wow, welcome back! It's been so long! :D


I'm here because I wanted to come back


Have we met @Computerguy91 ;D


I don't know if we have ever met


Do you want to be one of my HS friends lol


Sure we can definitely be friends on HS


Welcome back! Don't think we have ever met...