Hi, Hopscotch Forum!


Hi guys! I am MintyWolf. I have another account, but it is anonymous. If you know it, please don't tell anybody!!
And I'm not playing "anonymous", I'm gonna leave that up to @Follow4LikesOfficial. It's his thing. I just made a different account as an escape, a fresh start!


Ok... I have no idea who you are! :smiley: but try to make this related to hopscotch like a project or collab :slightly_smiling:


Welcome to forum!! Well I guess welcome on that forum account! How can I make your day??



Is your other account on the forum?


Yep! That is the only hint. I am just going to be like F4LO, I enjoy having an account that has a fresh start m


I'm not trying to figure out

I want it to be a secret



Cool! Glad to have you here! :smiley:


OMG it's SmilerAlyssa!


I got basic user! Yay!
I'm not going to reveal my actual username, and if you know, please don't tell!


Welcome to the forum!
PS- I ADORE your avatar!


Welcome! How can I help you code? I think you are @RubyWolf1!


Thanks! 202020202020202020202


I'm going to mostly use the forum to ask for help. So far, I'm doing OK!


I love your avatar! Welcome to the forum, and I hope you love it! (Just @ me if you need anything)


It's seems awesome, already! You guys rock.


I have a question-
I got a message from Liza that this post was identified as spam by this thing called Akismet. What is that?


Akismet is an automated spam filter. It sometimes takes posts that are potentially spam and hides them until a staff member sees it's okay. Once you get a higher trust level it'll stop :wink:.


I really never knew what Askimet was. I guess it is @system.


Sorta...system is Discourse based, but Akismet can be found in other websites too I think.


It marked this topic as spam and it's still open. It's a bit confuzzling.