Hi hopscotch forum I have a question


Hi I have a question
Why do I have to pay for a picture on hopscotch


I'm going to guess because the hopscotch team needs some extra money, or maybe so people who like posting inappropriate pictures won't do it because they don't want to pay to do something like that. Or maybe it's because coding will die out if everyone gets to add pictures to their projects without paying.

But I'm gonna tag liza to see the real answer


Here's Liza's post I found :slight_smile:


Because everything can't be free. The forum is expensive... and stuff in the app itself. Just don't use pictures.


Hi, this is a frequently asked question with a surprisingly simple answer!

Hopscotch has been free for the last 3 years, and THT cannot keep paying for everything, since there used to be no In- App- Purchases. The "Pictures" feature requires a full subscription to Hopscotch, and that cost money. :DDD Hope I helped