Hi guys, just a useful tutorial for the forum



So, if you are on an iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini you can do this! First, go to safari, next, open up the forum like this

now swipe over to the right like this you can choose any app to use, pick it I will use Chrome see that little tab on the left side of chrome? Swipe it to the side like this. now you can use two apps at once, sadly this only works for Apple native apps, but you can use two apps I use it to watch cartoons, I use the website kisscartoon.me now I can browse the forum and watch cartoons pretty cool huh?


like dis


Wow! Great Tutorial!! This is super cool! Aw man i wish i had an ipad air 2 but i have an ipad 2 (yes i know i'm such an oldie XD XP)


Lol I wish it worked for older versions, my school iPad is air 1 and it doesn't work. I'm using my personal one


iOS9 is Awesome! And your iPad 2 can do this https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/gethopscotch/uploads/default/original/3X/8/f/8f96b2e9a6375b16f0d0d86a5ffdeeee3885a56b.png you just can't use both


Cool! I have an iPad Air 2 and this is a great tutorial


You are lucky your school has an iPad :wink:


Yeah it's pretty great :blush:


I usually use it when I'm on the forum and my friend is texting me

So I don't have to go back and fourth


I have an iPad Mini 3 it works but I cant go to the internet 🙁 (I dont use Chrome)